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Sixx, the live television channel, offers entertainment programs. It is very popular among teenagers. The new station Sixx is emotional, confident, lively and demanding. Sixx has modern women in their sight specifically for video essays and entertaining lifestyle shows on topics such as dating tips or cooking and baking recipes to inspire them.

Die Super überträgt die Serie "Sixx."

Der Sender SIXX betont die Themen Frauenklischees. Er richtet sich ausschließlich an ein weibliches Publikum und das mit Erfolg !!!

SIXX established itself successfully as a network for women and benefits from being able to air more German-dubbed film and US shows. For the upcoming season, for example, Ringer and Pan Am are planned premieres.

After a SIXX TV show is aired, the by-episode streaming service of that episode will remain free for about three weeks.

Die zehn beliebtesten Programme von SIXX.

  1. In the U.S., TV shows like Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City are popular.
  2. On female-focused games like Sex and the City
  3. Doku-soaps such as Perfect Wedding and Luxury Women's Diaries
  4. The Oprah Winfrey Show
  5. German TV shows such as Verliebt in Berlin and Danni Lowinski

Die schon erfolgreichen Formate von SIXX sind  Damages, Die Tudors, Nip/Tuck, Medium, Ugly Betty, Eine wie keine und Hand aufs Herz.

Programs offered by SIXX include:

  • Shows like Germany's Next Topmodel and Das Model und der Freak are often re-broadcast.
  • Die neuen Soaps “Mein neues Leben”, “Inside USA” und “Abenteuer Ferne” von DokuSoap TV.
  • Sixx - das Magazin - täglich aktuelle Promi-News und Klatsch.
  • Das schöne Mädchen
  • Kochshow mit Jamie Oliver
  • Der Wedding Planer Frank

SIXX has established a successful track record as a channel for women and is reaping the benefits of being able to air more first-run films and US TV series in German. The highly anticipated premieres of Ringer and Pan Am are just two examples.

After a SIXX show airs, the show is available for three weeks on its streaming portal free of cost.

Highlighted programs: Steven loves the movies - Special: Rio 2 - The Jungle Fever, Melrose Place, Drop Dead Diva, Apartment 23, Sex and the City, Grey's Anatomy - The Young Doctors,

International programming on Sixx gets viewers in the mood to roam, with all its epic series' depicting location-based lifestyles. [The following list of programs is included] Atlanta, William & Kate - Ein Märchen wird wahr, Kalender Girls, J.A.G. - Im Auftrag der Ehre , Sixx Serien, Body of Proof, Good Wife, Diagnose: Mord, Crazy Planet - Die 1000 tollsten Orte der Welt

The story of SIXX:

Following the success of "the men channel" DMAX in German television landscape, ProSiebenSat.1 Media set up a channel that focuses primarily on women. The originally planned name Fem-TV was abandoned in favour of SIXX – so it was hoped positioning on position six remote control because channels with double digits are much less likely to be chosen accidentally as the channels on the first digit.

For its initial programming, SIXX mainly repeated the American television series that were shown on ProSieben, such as "Desperate Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy." As a special coup, it was able to get Oprah Winfrey's extremely popular show onto the channel. It also showed the free TV premiere of Sex in the City 's first movie. The vampire show very popular in America, which originally aired on ProSieben, switched to SIXX for its second season as well.

SIXX shows repeats of productions made by the TV network’s subsidiaries, including those shown on Sat1. It also produces original programming for itself, such as the docu-soap “4 Blondes - das Tagebuch der Luxusfrauen". The show is similar to US formats like "The Real Housewives" and focuses on rich women in Düsseldorf.

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